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Why We Are Successful

Developing a process and collection cycle that works is one thing. Keeping it relevant, effective and able to yield excellent returns requires constant enquiry, data and performance analysis.

More Effective.

Here's why.
By applying the experience we have gained over the last 20 years we were able to craft a unique debt collection cycle that has proved to yield excellent returns.
We have built and automated our uniquely defined set of collection rules, calls to action, contact intervals and type of contact into the software we employ. This creates one uniform process and ensures all our collection resources are applied.
Not only do our call centre staff have the relevant experience, they are also guided and lead in their collection efforts by our automated software. Our system prioritises, auto-dials debtors and assists them with taking the appropriate action.
Our server runs bulk processes like automated voice, letter, sms and email campaigns after hours increasing our productivity to 24 hours per day.
In the event we are unable to recover a debt the debtor will be listed on a credit bureau should the client wish to do so. In the event that our client chooses to continue with legal action, our attorneys will offer an affordable rate.

Inbound Call Centre

Different to most, our call centre is set up as an inbound and not and outbound call centre. Our agents thus spend their time negotiating payments with debtors who are available to do so at that moment. This increases productivity and efficiency of our call centre. In outbound call centres, an agent will have to dial numerous numbers to successfully connect with a debtor.

Monitor & Track our Performance

Our clients have 24 hour unlimited access to a live, interactive system where they can:

  • View progress, settlement values and payment details etc. for each debtor.
  • Download remittance advices in PDF format or CSV format as well as view receipts.
  • Send online messages to our client liaison officers to save time.

You only need internet access to log into our system – no additional software.

Medicol Debt Administration (Pty) Ltd. recovers outstanding and dubious accounts for clients in the medical and education sectors.

We go about recovering outstanding debt in a strategic and tactical way, employing technology to ensure optimal returns.
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